Architecture/Interior Design and the Changing Role of Fireplaces

April 25 | By admin

AIA4Spark Modern Fires has developed a one credit, AIA approved presentation …on the evolution of fireplaces over the years. Participants who complete the course receive one learning credit for their continuing education requirements.

After a brief overview of the culture and types of fires available, participants are introduced to the different venting options, latest technologies, NYC and CA restrictions, safety testing, tools and resources for architects, sustainability and Fireplace Certifications. The details obtained will help architects and interior designers make a more informed decision as to the most appropriate fire to recommend for an indoor or outside, residential or commercial gas fire project.

Our Business Development Manager, Caroline Vierling will forward a link to a free videoconference app, which is a simple download on a computer with a camera. In a few minutes you are connected and the live, one hour training session begins.
Come prepared with your questions and Caroline will help with your specific issues or connect you to our Technical Department who can further assist or view specs to ensure the installation follows the instructions properly.





Spark Modern Fires manufactures a range of stylish indoor and outdoor models and our innovation and design continue to make our products the professional’s choice. We pioneered the sophisticated, sleek, ribbon of fire look and set the ambiance in upscale hotels, spas, restaurants, clubhouses and private residences throughout North America. All fires are Certified and accepted by all major building and mechanical codes including the IMC and UMC.

Please call Caroline at (551) 804-2325 or email us at for more information.
We look forward to helping you create a beautiful fire feature for your clients!




Colleen Gove Healey


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