This year’s Grand Prize Winner

May 10 | By Spark Modern Fires

McInturff Architects

Washington DC

Featuring the SPARK Fire Ribbon Outdoor

Architect: McInturff Architects, Mark McInturff FAIA

Designer: Mark McInturff FAIA, Colleen Gove Healey AIA

Photographer: Julia Heine

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Some of the best designs seem obvious only after you have seen them, particularly with clean modern programs. This winning design by McInturff Architects exemplifies just that. By raising the masonry pool out of the ground 4’, the side facing the house provides an ingenious location for an integrated SPARK fireplace.


To accommodate the depth of fireplace and provide protection from splashing water, the end top surface of the pool was enlarged to approx.. 4’ as seen in the aerial photos. It all appears quite logical and fortuitous. But great design always does.


At Spark Modern Fires we don’t just celebrate the most lavish designs, we also celebrate thoughtful designs that achieve “more with less.”

Tom Healy, Principal

Spark Modern Fires



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Other notable members of this successful team:

General Contractor: Mike Lofgren / Lofgren Construction

Pool: Alpine Pools / Walt Williams

Landscape Architect: Lila Fendrick / Fendrick Design




Colleen Gove Healey


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