Modern Design and Home Construction

June 19 | By Spark Modern Fires

Styles and home design are continuously changing and evolving. From Victorian-era construction through today’s open layout floor plans, each period of home design in American history has its own unique touches and concepts. Each era comes with its own challenges and solutions to creating an inviting space for daily living as well as entertaining. Modern architecture has needed to come to grips with generally combined usage spaces for both creating a larget feeling environment and the ability to entertain guests without feeling cut off from them while making preparations or having too many guests to accommodate in a single living space.

Modern home designs offer seamless flows between entertaining, dining, and kitchen areas. This flow allows for entertaining and interactions between everyone at all times, whether sitting together, preparing food, dining, or any combination of the three. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the need for a central entertaining feature to gather around. And although designs have changed, the indoor fireplace has remained the most common and popular central piece in entertaining guests and building the living space.

The clean lines and bright living areas of modern architecture have a reciprocal relationship with the design of modern fireplaces. Our fireplaces are designed to work with- and enhance- modern design principles and styles. A Spark fireplace is the perfect addition to the modern home and creates that focal point in a way that displays craftsmanship, care, and understanding or how architecture has changed over the years and incorporates the design principles we believe in to create a fireplace and space that you and your guests will love. Our luxurious statement pieces keep the focus on the flame and we offer a range of fireplace designs, from single-view, wall mounted fireplaces to 360-degree panoramic designs. A Spark fireplace awakens the senses and moves us like nothing else. Let us show you just what a Spark can do for you and your home.






Colleen Gove Healey


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