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September 17 | By Spark Modern Fires


Modern gas fireplaces have become one of the most sought after features in homes all over the United States. A modern fireplace from Spark Fires, although easier to operate, does not sacrifice on quality. In fact, we go above and beyond to ensure that you are receiving the highest-quality, most thoughtfully designed and leading-edge fireplace on the market. Many of our fireplaces have an 80 percent energy efficiency rating and provide endless design possibilities.

Spark Fires modern fireplaces gives off a natural glow with its signature fire ribbon technology. There are many ways to use one of our modern fireplaces to transform your living area; as a divider to any space, as a fire window, in a linear burning system, with multiple views from different sides of a room and even outdoors!

Our fireplaces are unique since they do not need a hearth or chimney. This creates a clean and contemporary design for dramatic views. Whether you need a simple outdoor gas fireplace or a vent-free indoor fireplace, Spark Fires can find the perfect style for your space using quality materials that will impress your guests.

Our indoor gas fireplace and outdoor designs give our customers many options to choose from with many styles and sizes. In the past, large fireplace designs took up a large part of the wall which was a design challenge homeowners had to face.

Our luxurious fireplaces will always give off a simple, clean design to make it a focal point for any room. Design and technology come together to create an innovative fireplace to quickly improve the look of your space. The high quality glass on each modern fireplace will prevent heat from escaping while maintaining a beautiful look.

Indoor gas fireplaces have now replaced traditional wood burning fireplaces by excelling in performance and sophisticated design options. It’s fireplace technology offers more energy efficiency, more design possibilities and low maintenance. Installation is simple and the architecture makes each fireplace look like a work of art. Whether you want to hang a fireplace on the wall or have it act as a divider with striking views in multiple rooms, the design possibilities are endless. Contact Spark Fires today to experience fireplaces that provide exceptional warmth, allow for endless looks and superior energy efficiency.


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