August 12 | By Spark Modern Fires

By Designer: Colleen Gove Healey

Photographer Credit: Julia Heine

Colleen Healey 3
We wanted to take a look back at one of our favorite designs from 2015. We always enjoy being able to look back at some of the beautiful work and surrounds that designers have incorporated a Spark into.

Modern one-room living has its pros and cons. This family of five wanted one large open living space for kitchen, dining and family time but also wanted things like a TV and fireplace to be used in each of those spaces separately.

Our challenge was to create a built-in that both divided and united the living and dining spaces.

Spark Direct Vent Vu Thru

We used a Spark Direct Vent Vu Thru, one of our most popular indoor gas fireplace units; so that it never felt like you were on the backside of the fireplace.

A built-in TV toward the living room and a pop-up TV that is viewable from both the dining room and the kitchen allows this large family to change the space to fit all of their various activities.

Colleen Healey 2We used a Corian surround for durability against three young kids and that way we were able to bring the white frame of the built-in very close to the modern fireplace front. The flue for the see-through Sparks unit is on the side which meant that it didn’t block the main view between the dining room and the living room. And we were able to use it to balance the vertical kitchen hood at the other end of the room




Colleen Gove Healey


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