Site Specific 11 Design Winner – Tango House

February 14 | By Spark Modern Fires

A mix of forms and materiality are reflected in the architecture of Tango House, while imbuing a cohesive thread of design throughout the exterior and interior of the home. A continuous visual link is created by the concrete axial wall that extends from the exterior to the front entry, through the great room and beyond – thus creating the dramatic counterpoint for the central fireplace feature for the home. A linear 8’ SPARK LBS was recessed into the concrete wall above a cantilevered “floating” concrete hearth. The fireplace is surrounded with backlit slabs of Black Fantasy “leatherized” quartzite with eroded edges accenting the organic veining, and creates a dramatic contrast to the dancing flames of the fireplace. This striking project features Carol Kurth Architecture’s philosophy of “architecture as a backdrop for living” and “interiors as an inspiration for lifestyle”.

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Colleen Gove Healey


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