When Less Is More

October 16 | By Spark Modern Fires

Bonick A

The cocooning season has officially arrived. While saying goodbye to the warmth of the summer months is hard, I always look forward to the arrival of cooler nights, pumpkins on the porch and the iridescent shades of orange, yellow and crimson that glow from the hills and valleys here in New England. At this time of year, it’s only natural that our focus turns to the awe-inspiring beauty of fire that allows us to be mindful of our well-being. It’s around the fireplace is where we gather, tell stories and permit contemplative reflection.

Back in the 1960s when minimalism shook up the world of art and design, the movement centered on several core ideas including depth within simplicity, balance, contrast, innovation, and interactivity. SPARK MODERN FIRES was born out of this design ethos. Stripping fire to its most alluring organic component — flickering flames and sparks that go pop — we gave fireplaces a new thoughtful identity and one that fits beautifully in the implied spaces of contemporary architecture.

A luxurious statement piece, the clean, sleek lines of our fireplaces infuse both indoor and outdoor spaces with a bold aesthetic that is positively mood-boosting. Never stark or austere, SPARK MODERN FIRES are expertly crafted to provide superior performance without compromising aesthetics, color palette or the integrity of the architecture. The elegance and purity of minimalist shape, texture, and style create a calm and inviting ambiance. A truly bespoke fireplace, custom finishing details such as matte beach stones or brilliant fragments of jeweled ebony glass add a personal touch of character. Available in a range of configurations from a single view to a full 360-degree viewing style. Gas-fueled fireplaces are energy efficient, operate with the flip of a switch or press of a button and reduce our carbon footprint.

A SPARK fireplace awakens an artfully curated space and grounds us like no other. Captivated by the flickering flames our heart rate slows, tensions slip away and laughs escape more easily. What else could be better when the season of cocooning descends?






Colleen Gove Healey


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