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SPARK Modern Fires Design Competition

As the US and the world slowly gets back to a new normal, we wish to take a moment to express our gratitude and appreciation to all those companies and individuals that helps us through unprecedented times! Last year was a challenge on every front mostly notably, personally and professionally. Our lives were profoundly changed. However, life did go on and business did progress, albeit in a different manner.Working remotely at Spark, communication was paramount in our efforts to manage through the crisis. Manufacturing and supply chain issues, shipping challenges, vendor and customer updates were a daily routine. We did our very best to keep everything moving forward and everyone in the loop.

It is in this context that we thank all our employees, vendors and customers for their extraordinary efforts, support and patronage! We truly appreciate all involved!

And through the turmoil arose some magnificent projects and designs…

SPARK Modern Fires is thrilled to announce the winners in the 11th annual Site Specific Design Competition.


Congratulations To The Grand Prize Winner




Tango House

Greenwich, CT
Linear Burner System Indoor

Architect: Carol J.W. Kurth, John Rapetti, Diana Wawrzaszek
Photo: Eric Laignel
Builder: Legacy Construction Northeast LLC

Their SPARK Story:
A mix of forms and materiality are reflected in the architecture of Tango House, while imbuing a cohesive thread of design throughout the exterior and interior of the home. A continuous visual link is created by the concrete axial wall that extends from the exterior to the front entry, through the great room and beyond – thus creating the dramatic counterpoint for the central fireplace feature for the home. A linear 8’ SPARK LBS was recessed into the concrete wall above a cantilevered “floating” concrete hearth. The fireplace is surrounded with backlit slabs of Black Fantasy “leatherized” quartzite with eroded edges accenting the organic veining, and creates a dramatic contrast to the dancing flames of the fireplace. This striking project features Carol Kurth Architecture’s philosophy
of “architecture as a backdrop for living” and “interiors as an inspiration for lifestyle”.



Merit Award Winners

Here are three more inspiring SPARK installations:

Hudson Valley Private Residence

Hudson Valley, NY
Fire Ribbon Outdoor, Fire Ribbon Direct Vent 3ft

DOWLING STUDIOS Architect: Leslie Dowling
Photo: John Muggenborg



Westside Manor

Dallas, TX
Vent Free 4 ft Vu Thru

CENTRE LIVING HOMES Architect: Olsen Studios
Designer: Jordan Madison
Photo: Lauren Logan



Bedford Guard Hill Residence

Bedford, NY
Direct Vent 6 ft Vu Thru

Architect & Designer: Deborah Schmidt
Photo: Anthony Acocella



Brookhaven Residence

Brookhaven, Georgia Linear Burner System

Chris Anderson
Photo: Chris Anderson

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